Sunday, September 26, 2004

saw a swedish film today. i wanted to see it because the photo in the catalogue looked rather striking. and because it was in swedish. when we got to the theatre, i overheard at least a few people saying that they were there because of the picture. after the movie ended i met another couple people who said that they wanted to check it out because of the picture.

i don't think i regret seeing the film. i don't think it was all that great, though. much of the time was spent finding meself growing repulsed by what was going on (or insinuated). there really wasn't a plot to speak of. it was just trying to shock for the sake of shocking, but i didn't find much more to it.

strangely, it's the film that i saw the most people i knew at. my cousin popped up out of nowhere. half the SFSS was there. ed and trevor were there. i think it's pretty funny that, of all the films, it's that one that i saw everyone at. either i have similar taste to all of them (because they were all caught by the picture as well), or they were all just there for the porno part (ie: all of the film).

i'll vote for the latter for the fun of it. because governments, even student governments, are all about the cardinal sins. as is my family. which is why me AND colin AND daniel were there -- 3 out of 4 cousins is pretty telling (the other 3 don't live here).

ahhh, corruption.

also, the basement bathroom at the granville 7 theatre is the most pleasant-smelling bathroom i've ever been in. and driving at 100km/hr with the windows rolled down and yelling as loud as you can for the sake of yelling feels good. and downtown has become a great deal less interesting. but bringing daniel on a mini-tour of the downtown core, showing him where cool places used to be, made it a little bit better.

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