Wednesday, September 01, 2004

money is a terrible, terrible thing. money is the reason why i've been having Issues with someone lately. it doesn't help that said someone is eager to leap on conflict at the moment, which makes it worse. but if money never existed, neither would the conflict.

and not to be playing the "oh poor me!" card, but said someone is also being rather wrapped up in themselves, thinking that the world is just completely against them, and attacking me way too much when they have the opportunity. not that i take it personally, because i know they're not having the best of times either, but still. it gets frustrating. and when you're not doing well yourself, it's just not gonna help you at all.

luck was on my side today (tuesday). it was the last day of my dental coverage, and one of the dentists at my clinic happened to get a cancellation, and she happened to think that a couple other things should be worked on while she was at it, and she happened to cancel the patient booked after me so that she could do all this work while i was still covered, and, in the end, i just happened to have three teeth drilled up and fixed. my mouth hurts now that the freezing's gone, but it's all for the greater good.

after telling me that i should become a teacher, though, the dentist (not my usual one, but still nice) told me that, because she was going to take a little while with my teeth, i should watch something on TV. i said i was fine. she insisted that i should, and popped in a video of a beegees concert, putting on the headphones whether i wanted them or not. whenever i tried to tilt them back to keep listening to what she was saying to her assistant, she'd tell me to leave them on, i wasn't missing out on anything. so as i was having gigantic holes bored into my teeth, i got to listen to the easy, groovy tunes of the beegees. surprisingly, it wasn't the epitome of hell. i didn't realise that all those songs were beegee songs. but, more importantly, it was like the ultimate dentist experience: drilling, bright lights, freezing, easy-listening music forced upon you from the moment you enter, and a free toothbrush at the end of it.

the dentist also told me that she loved her job because, as she said, everyone she deals with is pretty well. because people who are really sick or really poor can't come to see her, so everyone she deals with is generally healthy and happy and pleasant to see. she doesn't like to be unable to help people, you see. she admitted that it sounded pretty bad, but still said that it was true. hey, she's honest at least.

and then, after winning $1 on a scratch'n'win, we went swimming at the lake with catherine's 17-year-old cousin-in-law, once-removed. and provided him with the ingredients for a great sexy adventure tale to tell his buddies back in nanaimo when he goes home -- provided he leaves out every sarcastic, mocking comment we threw out at him. and maybe it'd be better if he left his friends' imagination to fill in details. going out with girls seven years your senior is pretty cool if you're a guy, i guess.

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