Wednesday, September 22, 2004

last night was spent watching over two hours worth of the russian version* of Tom & Jerry cartoons with kamila. except that the commie version's much better. the music was awesome. and the street signs were all written in russian script. it's nice to just happen to be in the right place at the right time for someone, even if it was accidental. like, say, when someone's had a giant fight with their best friend and feels a little sad and lonely, and when you just happen to have a collection of one of their favourite childhood cartoons. just as an example, i mean.

today nothing really went as planned. except that i got to see kaldaljos. and got to understand bits and pieces throughout the film. icelandic may be pretty different from any other languages i know, but it shares words with norsk and deutsch, so yay and hurrah and huzzah and all that. wasn't quite the most uplifting film i've ever seen, but the kid's acting was pretty impressive.

i miss playing "understand what's going on around me." on the walk to the busstop afterwards i passed two guys speaking czech. only heard a sentence, though, not enough to figure out what they were saying. looking forward to seeing other films at the festival, though, just to hear other languages again.

still waiting for the magical golden opportunity to leap out at me and smack me over the head and tell me what to do. i can't decide anything right now. i can hardly accomplish much these days. it's pathetic.

even so. for not feeling useful at all, i seem to be strikingly busy. i feel lazy, but people tell me i'm not at all. i don't get it. it's prolly just because "busy" doesn't necessarily reflect much in a bank account. too bad.

on the plus side of everything, i think i can see run chico run tomorrow night afterall. hurrah? unless i remember why i felt like i couldn't go. editors party party? perhaps.


* this time it's a creepy old-dirty-uncle-like wolf and a young, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed rabbit. oh, the pedophilia or other such dirtiness hidden inside it!

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