Sunday, September 05, 2004

jodi and i went on a scavenger hunt today. in america. it was exciting. we saw real american flags! and real american bikes! and real american cars! and real american cops! and real americans!

first we found the border. and then the post office. and already-hard-boiled eggs at the supermarket. and then we made the scavenger hunt official.

things found:
1. personal propaganda lawn signs
2. (strange, old) man praying before eating their meal
3. many many american flags
4. fire hydrant painted like Captain America
5. mailbox shaped like a giant carp
6. food for jodi
7. mt baker
8. four-legged wild animal (chipmunk)
9. ben&jerry's ice cream flavours we don't have here
10. The Other border crossing

alright, so aside from a couple (2) key items, the general guidelines for the scavenger hunt were "find strange things." but we succeeded! we won! and then we made up a story about a murderous pig who preferred nudity because clothes impaired his mind control powers, though his hot pink trousers, when worn under the light of the full moon, were boogie-inducing indeed (claimed mr johnson, the reporter who found his scoop: the pig was bacon!).

it's too bad that mt baker was suddenly hidden in fog when we began to near the top. it cuts off exploring pretty quickly, when you suddenly can't see 3 feet in front of you.

it's astounding how strong/different the accent is just south of the border, though. you'd think it would be a little more similar to ours, considering that it's just an imaginary line that separates surrey from blaine, but the two accents are hugely different.

oh well. maybe another mini-roadtrip tomorrow, we'll see. i still want to try to make it to phoenix sometime before i lose the car, but i don't know how likely it is. glad to've gotten to do something with jodi finally, though. no better time to catch up with old friends when you're stuck in speeding vehicles!

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