Tuesday, September 28, 2004

i'm hoping i didn't jinx meself today. we'll see.

apparently i'm surrounded by little energy fairies. as nutty as the description sounded, i like it. i like the idea of being surrounded by little protection fairies. but shhh! it's a secret.

i've been going through training for vancouver rape relief, but after reaching the halfway point, i have a feeling i might stop going. i'm not sure that it's my thing, really, for various reasons. and, unfortunately, i skipped it last week, which makes it damn more difficult to go this week -- much like skipping tutorials. haven't decided whether to go tomorrow night or not. we'll see.

went to the gravel pits in coquitlam today. they're not near as creepy and magical as i remember. i was disappointed.

there's three people in town this week (or so) that i've interviewed in the past, and, for one reason or another, those interviews are marked as the top three important interviews in my memories -- usually for some sort of self-growth or something like that, or even just for one little comment they made that stuck with me. and, for that reason, i feel obliged to try to somehow meet them all again. one won't know who i am, so i'm hopefully just going to get an interview (it'd be a sort of full-circle for me, regardless of if they know it or not), the other two, i'd rather just have the chance to chat with them instead of interview. but we'll see.

we'll see we'll see we'll see we'll see.

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