Tuesday, September 14, 2004

i'm back.

bet you didn't know i was gone. well, two people did. no one else, though.

2100km in 34 hours. ivana nearly drove off the road when she saw mt robson. it was her first time ever seeing any part of the rockies, you see. other than mike, the lumpy hitchiker, i think it was a worthwhile trip.

we got sunshine. we left the radio off for the first 7 hours of driving and talked nonstop instead until i started to lose my voice. we talked about europe. a lot. we talked about needing to live there. we had Deep Discussions. we talked about people we knew. we talked about past roadtrips. we made last-minute decisions which exits to take. we ended up in the rockies (her first time). we saw a deer. we saw snow. we saw glaciers. we had a romantic moment at the gate of honeymoon lake (the road was closed so we had to make do). we saw millions of stars. we slept hidden away in the woods. i had a dream that i won in a wrestling match against antonio banderas while muslims flew kites in synchronicity. i got to show her lake louise and lake moiraine. we saw pikas and chipmunks. we had someone actually keep pace with our driving. we had rainshowers in the sunshine. we made it home in time. we're gonna do it again sometime. hopefully.

but anyone and anyone who has ever told me that jasper and banff are about the same is a moron. the scenery on the way to banff is a million times better, and a lot more mountains. jasper's dull. and i'm not talking about the town. (although one person in jasper wished us a very pleasant stay in his town, and no one did that in banff, for whatever that's worth.)

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