Wednesday, September 08, 2004

i find it ironic to feel slightly strange and out of place when i'm in the company of only other women when the feeling-out-of-place is because it's only women there.


also, dr oetker, i'm so glad i found you here...

also, i want to go to south america.

also, braids are returning. slowly.

also, i'm so unbelievably tense these days. i don't know why.

also, i need to visit grandma. she needs to live closer to make this easier to fit into my day.

also, i really, really need to start taking pictures again. i keep saying this, almost as if it were a mantra. and yet i keep not-heeding it.

also, i am surrounded by brilliant, driven, talented people. i want to join their club.

also, why do i keep finding reasons not to do what i want to do?

also, it's really true how nothin' matters ... in coconut grove.

hot damn, summer in the city.

(i wish.)

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