Friday, September 24, 2004

good god this sucks.

the sun's coming up (well, the coloured stripes are on the horizon at least), poco is wreathed in the early-morning fog that makes it look a lot chillier and crisper than it actually is (such a shame.. i've made the transition to getting excited over winter, y'see), and i've been sitting here for the past few hours watching the stars disappear and wishing i could sleep.

i can tell you that it's going to be a beautiful day, though.

i've had sleep-inducing tea, i've played soothing, ambient music, i've read boring books, i've tried lying down one more time umpteen times (maybe this time! no...), i've watched some tv (for all of two minutes, before i realised i really didn't care to do it at all), i've stretched, i've tossed and turned (even while walking - it's a sight to be seen!), and i'm still awake. have been since 2:30. which means i've had a grand total of just over 2 hours sleep. and today's the day that i have to get stuff done and be up and awake and alert until everything's finished late tonight.

brilliant timing. apparently my subconscious is all in a knot over something right now. every time i did lie down i had the strangest memories spring to mind, too. things i haven't thought about in awhile and things i'd rather not think about because i just get annoyed by them, but all things that have no leaning on anything happening right now -- all things from the far past.

i'd try to sleep one more time, but my alarm was set to catch the first bus, which goes in another half hour. and i just feel antsy right now anyways. shoulda slept over at school, at least i could have been productive while i wasn't sleeping then.

i did get to be awake for a random message out of nowhere from someone i was briefly acquainted with in norway, though.

the little things are always so much more exciting when it's 3am.

i think the horizon's officially red now. i'm going to go eat breakfast. if anyone wants to bring me caffeine today, i'm sure i'll appreciate it.

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