Friday, October 01, 2004

been stressed beyond belief this week -- so much so that i forgot to show up at one of the few paying jobs i have right now. felt terrible about it, and now, next week, i'll have to skip out early for another job that got moved up in the night. not good. too much going on right now. craziness is spilling over.

still, other than not really having much of a section for next week, things seem good. i'm being paid for a photo job for the first time ever -- far less than the going rate for a professional photographer, but i don't feel comfortable charging that much for my services, not for a first-time gig. means i get to go flash-shopping finally, hurrah!

interviewed don mckellar today with a last-minute "junior writer" who ended up being the perfect person to bring along. her excitement about it all made me a lot more thrilled with the whole thing. helped that she was smart and interesting. said she was too terrified to do the interview alone, but in the end she carried most of it, so yay her! i felt so proud... and so jaded, considering how much i really didn't care (before her enthusiasm started to rub off on me). although the added perk was running into the star of don's film in the hallway, who turned out to be a sweet kid and definitely not the drama queen from the film.

don's film, by the way, was good. had a lot of energy. was fun to watch. but had a point where it became...not as captivating, somehow. i don't even know how to describe it, but i noticed the same thing watching macivor's film on tuesday, that there's something...less gritty...more saccharine...less open-ended...slightly disappointing, honestly, about the films. not to say that the films were bad. but...something that i was expecting, some depth of some sort, something's missing. or maybe it's just been too long since i've watched canadian films.

soooooooo tired soooooooo want to sleep soooooooo haven't gotten a good night's sleep at all this week soooooooo won't get one tonight soooooooo sorry that bodac's scheduled during collective meeting times soooooooo supposing that i'll just have to skip a meeting or two sometime because i realised on tuesday that the reason i've felt soooooooo antsy (in part) lately is that i was soooooooo looking forward to it starting up again soooooooo hungry soooooooo need to write an article soooooooo finished.

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