Friday, August 20, 2004

yesterday i discussed cultural texture and i created something and i laughed and i sang kids' songs with amanda and with shawn when he wasn't playing the yoyoyoyoyoyo game and i swam nekkid and i lay there in the water doing nothing but bob while watching the clouds and i watched amanda & garrett climb not-trees and i sat on rocks and watched the sun set over the ocean and saw lavendar clouds and blue-hued mountains and i saw seals and watched gulls eat fish and be chased by waves and i ate blue chips and chocolate chips and i saw tons of simultaneous fireplay and i saw the graceful firedancer that makes me happy and i've had the "down to the river" song stuck in my head ever since and altogether it prolly made for the happiest evening i've had in a decent while because it was all just fun and carefree.

today annemarie pointed out the crucial difference between "childlike" and "childish". simple difference, but i'd forgotten about the first word and was having trouble explaining meself until she brought it up. but yesterday was truly a childlike day. it was lovely.

when i reached commercial station today, rather than transfer to the other skytrain, we were all told to evacuate the station immediately because "the city of vancouver has informed us that there's a major gas leak here." for a brief moment it felt like we lived in a Major City with Major Drama like toronto or new york or london or somewhere exciting. people with mobile phones on the bus wanted to make it seem that way, telling their loved ones and co-workers of the terrible events that had struck them (namely that they had to learn about new bus routes). the excitement was overwhelming......not really.

and then the doctor told me that everything looks fine in my kidney, which is good because there's nothing wrong, but bothersome because that doesn't explain why i have symptoms of something wrong. but then that's the norm with my medical record: symptoms with no cause. he suggested taking daily meds (forever) if it didn't get better in the next while, though, which i'm not a fan of. C'MON BODY, GET BETTER!

...and then i bussed back to coquitlam for a meeting and then bussed back to vancouver to dance in a park for a few hours before bussing all the way back...

at the park, it took a little while to get used to moving, after not taking part for the past month. but once i'd watched for awhile it started to feel comfortable again. i think i'm starting to get the hang of this dancing thing! we ended with a butoh walk. half the time i tried hard to forget catherine's imagery of the horror of imagining a flower growing out of your chest, for the sake of being serious. or, at least, for the sake of not interrupting everyone else's concentration with giggles every two minutes. though, in all honesty, you'd be pretty upset and horrified if you had a flower growing out of your chest too, wouldn't you?

frankenstein for free in stanley park tomorrow night. i want to go. hopefully i'll be able to. if i get there, maybe i'll see you there.

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