Monday, August 09, 2004

today was rather good all around, i'd say. felt totally, completely content much of the time. ran into so many people i knew, and a fair number of people i haven't seen in a long while. got to chat with most of them. got face-painted. got a shirt. got salmon burgers. got literate literature. got pins. got to see my biopsy nurse. got to watch kids get what they deserved. got to right things after yesterday's Issues. got to hang out with someone i haven't seen for months, AND (added bonus) got to find out that i'm comfortable hanging out with them, despite my (ex-)relationship with their cousin. (this especially makes me super-happy.) got to sit at the beach. got to play with dogs. got to learn another poi trick. got free incense. got to have lotsa fun.

kamila's random comments were great: "i haven't seen these kinds of people since i left europe!" or, "what is he??"*

i think under the volcano's my favourite of the vancouver summertime festivals. it's high on the list, at least. it's cheaper than most, the entertainment's pretty diverse and usually grand, you meet more interesting people, every table's interesting and the whole affair's far from being about selling. well, selling in the capitalist sense of the word, at least. and you learn things. well, i did today, at least.


* that was about you, shawn. though i'm sure that's most peoples' initial reactions to you...

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