Sunday, August 22, 2004


the internet's got everything. except groceries. but other than that, you really can get everything you'd need -- information, entertainment, rebates, conversation, everything. and for free. brilliant, that.

course, you just have to be able to find it. and that's the hard part.

it rained today. in fact, it poured. it was splendid. it's been a long while since it rained. and while i'm not looking forward to biking around in the rain this week, i'm glad it'll be dreary and miserable for awhile. it makes spending time on this side of the window all the more cozy. and it's warm enough to go on puddle walks still. like today at the library. the parking lot had a giant pool, and when daniel* and i returned to the car, i slipped off my shoes and danced through the puddle - wonderfully warm.

but it's days like today that make the depressing things happy-inducing. it's days like today that make you feel like you're discovering insights into life watching little tv shows. maybe you are, really, who knows. it's days like today that make you start lighting candles and incense around the room and play music you haven't listened to in eons and make hot cocoa and wear comfy clothes and get that warm fuzzy feeling that usually only comes around holiday time.

it's days like today that make you a little nostalgic for surprising things, that make you want to fix/rekindle lost or distant friendships.

not that you do anything about it, because it's probably more rewarding to imagine how it could be rather than finding out what it really would be like. but it's the principal and idealism of it all, dammit!

today's a cotton candy day. sorta. kinda.

* in bathrobe and cowboy boots. he got strange looks at the army surplus store. grandma couldn't get over that he'd come by dressed like that. she shouldn't be so surprised -- it's daniel.

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