Wednesday, August 25, 2004

on the one hand, i'm not really very happy that i have one last cavity (or something) to be fixed before i lose my medical coverage. on the other hand, it means that my dentist will work on my teeth one last time, and honestly, i like him. he's a good dentist. he's one of the only people i've ever dealt with who sticks needles in me and doesn't cause me to completely lose it.

of course, he also told me today that i'd need a cap for one tooth, which i won't be able to get before i lose my coverage, which would still cost $400 with coverage, because the medical plan would only cover half of it anyways. but apparently i do need it.


on a better note:
it's comforting to fall asleep, curled up, in the back of the mostly-empty bus when it's pouring outside. it's nice to have a barbeque in the rain at the park, huddled under the picnic sheds playing weird car-card games with the youth before the rain wins and we go bowling instead. it's nice to have tea in a warm home while it's torrential outside. it's nice walking downtown in the rain, giving up on the umbrella, and just getting soaking wet (although my toes are still chilly).

the rain's been nice.

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