Friday, August 13, 2004

new t-shirt i need:
"I'm not an idiot, I'm creative"

i've got a nosebleed right now. i haven't had a nosebleed since i was seven or so. the only image in my head is the drawing from my "be a good Brownie" book that i got, of a Brownie bent over holding a tissue to its nose. that's the only image i ever get in my head when people have nosebleeds. couldn't tell you why, though. i guess my one year as a Brownie actually did make an impact on me afterall.

i met a Polish woman on the bus today whose legs were covered in bruises after trying to learn to ride a bike. it reminded me of riding in copenhagen. i learned to ride here, where handbrakes are the way to go. but in copenhagen (and elsewhere) all the bikes seemed to use back-pedalling brakes. being that i'm used to pedalling backwards when i'm coasting (because it's fun), i had to work at not tossing meself off the bike by slamming on the brakes without thinking. the polish woman was having trouble in the other direction - pedalling backwards and not stopping.

that brief conversation made me feel better today. i'm not sure why.

also, today was my first time seeing a counsellor. can't tell if it was a good experience or not yet, we'll see how i feel after next week. she only said two expected counsellor-ish things, which is fewer than i was expecting. points for her? maybe....

tomorrow? beach party with downs' syndrome kids, the happiest people in the world! surely it'll be impossible to be in a funk of a mood around them, hurrah!

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