Monday, August 02, 2004

meet mario. and friends.

aidan drew them for me. i met him on the bus today. he was going to the park with his grandma, but came and sat next to me at the back of the bus instead of staying with her (near the front) and proceeded to tell me all about spiderman and spidergirl. he has a spiderman watch that looks like it's made out of webs. he's cool, apparently. i stuck a tattoo with rainbow people holding hands on him (the things you pick up at pride parades!), and he asked how you make the chains of people holding hands. the only big piece of paper i had was a crumpled resume, so we used that and made a mini-chain, and he decorated each person (spiderman, spidergirl, dude-made-of-cannonballs, etc). and we talked about giants, and whether or not his grandma's house was actually a giant in disguise (he says no; i say yes).

when he was done, he still wanted to draw, so i let him use my book, but because it was my book he demanded that i tell him my favouritest things. which is a question people stop asking when they get older. which is a shame. i had to think hard. but he drew me music notes (which he learned how to do from blue's clues), a strawberry (although he couldn't remember what they looked like for a moment), a special airplane that flies me home all the way to my house, and mario, the happy giant with huge eyelashes and a freakish grin. but he's a friendly giant. with big hair. (the dinosaur was mine, because he didn't know how to draw one for me.)

i had to take my book when i got off the bus, but he was quite content with the tattoo, the magnet, the paper superhero chain, and the pen. his grandma didn't seem to mind that aidan spent the whole ride with me either.

i'm glad.

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