Friday, August 06, 2004

it's conceptual, don't talk --
unless you want me to hang you next time.

during yesterday's biopsy, i really didn't feel anything when first two samples were taken (as it should be, considering that they froze the area). the third one, however, when the needle went *SNAP*, there was a sharp pain in my inner thigh. dr said that the sample was probably next to a nerve. the pain pretty much disappeared, so i didn't think about it anymore. except that i've realised that my hip's been numb ever since then, and it's not the freezing or the having-to-lie-in-bed causing it anymore. and feeling's not come back at all yet.

so: below my left knee is numb since knee surgery, the outer side of my left arm/hand has been somewhat numb due to a pinched nerve for years now, and now my left hip feels fuzzy. this is just swell.

if this is how bad my body's doing when i'm 24, i'm really, really not looking forward to my 30s.

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