Sunday, August 08, 2004

if you invited yourself along for the night, and your conversation was doing fine without me, and, due to the actual physical layout of the situation, i wasn't even really able to take part in the conversation, don't confront me at the end of the night, telling me that i'm acting pissy and i'm taking shit out on everyone else and tell me that i'm feeling crappy. i didn't ask you to come along in the first place, so i wasn't hoping you'd be talking with me anyways.

maybe i'm just tired. or hurting. maybe i felt like i was being pushed out of the conversation a few times already and figured i'd just let it be. maybe i just had nothing to say. maybe i know i need to spend less time with certain people right now, whatever the reason, and hadn't been planning on an evening with you.

(please don't take it personally, but maybe that's how i figure i'll be able to maintain this friendship right now. not that you'll read this, though.)

yes, i'm anti-social right now. but only towards friends. strange and ironic and probably a bad thing.

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