Wednesday, August 18, 2004

i originally saw this with DJ Shadow providing the soundtrack. it's beautiful.

the most passive, unobtrustive thunder storm ever is taking place outside right now. which is unfortunate, really, because a full-on meteorological freakout is just what i want right now.

the braids are coming out. it's sad but it's true. if they weren't so straggly-looking they could stay, but they're a bit too messy for an interview tomorrow. with all luck they'll be back in by the end of the month, though! yay! gotta decide what colour/design scheme to go with next. my hairdresser will know what's best, though.

but, oh!* on sunday it was Butoh at the Beach. almost meditative at times, just fun to get caught up in the performance, and then have my mind wander a bit, and then start watching and catch up again. got to chat with people i didn't know and people i did know but hadn't talked to in awhile. ocean-swimming, though. must do more.

and last night was ANGST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! teen angst poetry (and music) night. so much drama. so many tears. so much fun. the winner, hands down, was the crispin glover lookalike (in a tacky cowboy shirt) who performed his teen angst rap -- "black and white must unite (stop the violence!)" -- with audience participation. best bit about the evening, though, were the stories that went with the poems. about james and what a player he was (at 15), or the hated popular girl. i almost felt like i'd missed out, having never written angsty poetry. almost. dragging mark and his friend along just made the night better. i'm glad i'm working with him this fall.

and there was 20s jazz at the cafe with rachel and there was whippets and veggieburgers and elaborate cake at the park and there was playing in the pool and my arms are going numb from losing circulation while i take out the braids and i have a sudden need for a brian eno fix and lots more.

it was a good weekend (monday included).

* such wit!

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