Monday, July 05, 2004

we watched the game at joe's cafe on commercial drive. everyone in there was rooting for portugal.

portugal lost. the greeks won. but commercial drive filled up with people celebrating on both sides. cars-made-into-floats, drummers, cheering, singing, dancing, traffic was stopped, people dressed up and made up on both sides. it didn't matter who won. everyone was just partying in the streets. when we left (just a little while ago) there were still people driving around with flags and honking from both sides.

the times that got the most cheers during the game were when they finally got the satellite working for the one old television that our section was watching, and when the tv came back to life when it died suddenly during the first half. it was a bonding moment between every one of us in there.

too bad the greeks were so defensive. too bad portugal missed when they had chances to get goals. good day nonetheless.

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