Saturday, July 10, 2004

this week was a pretty crappy week. although, parts were still good. today, the No Show was good good times (two callers! such love!) and we played records and had fun. had fun chatting afterwards too. layout was done super early, though i stuck around in part to avoid biking home (i was tired) and to see ayanna's puppy. really sore about losing my wallet, though, mostly because now i've lost my buspass for the rest of summer. doh.

if anyone feels like getting me a gift to make up for a crappy-ish week, this would be appreciated and adored.

...just saying!

gonna see cremaster 3 either tomorrow or sunday, methinks. the copy editor wrote a note on one of my layouts saying that she really liked my review. which is nice of her to say, though i'm not sure if she wrote it because she knew i was stressed or not. i'll pretend that she just wrote it because it's true.

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