Sunday, July 11, 2004

new top fashion of the summer? sleeping with a wool scarf wrapped around your torso as many times as possible. itchy, unflattering, and just the thing to hopefully get rid of strange muscle cramps in your side/back!

it huhuhurts... fortunately it doesn't hurt too much to laugh. i blame spiderman, though.

cremaster 3 was shafted for spiderman 2 because A) free is cheaper than not-too-expensive; B) figured that being as tired as i am today, a 3 hour difficult-to-watch film probably wasn't the smartest idea; and C) ...i don't know. i was more in the mood to watch a mockable movie with daniel. and have me'n'ed's pizza. at any rate. spiderman 2 beat spiderman 1 hands down. and with a chainsaw. but it wasn't hard to do, as the original film was prolly the worst superhero film i've seen. this one entertained, however.

so this leaves tomorrow afternoon or nothing for cremaster 3. call me if you're interested, it might sway my decision to go if i have company. if sharon's home safe and sound by then.

that's right! sharon's home tomorrow! she's been gone for five months but she's finally back and she'll prolly have a hint of an aussie accent and we'll be greeting her with signs and love and pots and pans and noisemakers and general annoyances and hopefully security won't kick us out before she comes out of customs! hurrah!

...and now sleep.

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