Wednesday, July 07, 2004

INXS and Oingo Boingo dance party!!!!

you're all invited. but you have to find your own way over. no shoes allowed. invite expires when i go to sleep tonight.

there's the most perfectly-shaped, cutest, little, itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny yellow, polka-dot bikinis dandelions in the graveyard near my grandma's house. and it's been years since i've walked through there and i'd forgotten how large it actually is.

my grandma's pretty cool, though. unfortunately, i forget that sometimes. and every time i go and visit, if we end up at the neighbour's for a bit, don always warns me to be careful of those tricky boys. and he always demands that i bring any boy friends (space intentional - he just figures every not-girl i mention is a potential mate and/or conniving bastard) to him for approval. someday i'll actually bring a guy friend over to meet don. then we'll see what he does.

too bad i still can't find the cord to upload digital pictures. the clouds outside are pretty nifty-looking at the moment.

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