Friday, July 02, 2004

i hate hate hate hate hate waiting.

but i have to.

but there's so many things i want to say and i want to know what's going on because i've figured meself out (well, more than before) and i'm thinking differently now and...

...but i have to wait. i'm not sure if time differences make this easier or not.

yesterday i was at Home Depot to buy some wire, and while i was getting the wire cut, this older, eastern-european fellow (strong accent, but not like he had trouble speaking english or anything) came up and interrupted us to talk to the Home Depot guy.

"MY FRIEND! can you tell me where i can find a new screwdriver? this one no longer wants to work!" he said, flourishing his old one.

and he was directed off and all was good.

when i was standing in line to pay, he ended up right behind me. i asked if he found his screwdriver alright.

"i did! look." he showed it to me. "you know how much this is? it's FREE. first one? free. second one? 25% off. third one? FREE," he said, with a knowing nod. and then he looked over at the gum that i was buying with my wire.

"you see this?" he pointed to the "excel". "in spanish? this means 'free today!' all of this? FREE!"

and then he tried to convince me to buy his screwdriver for him, or for us to trade purchases - he'd buy my wire and gum, i'd buy his screwdriver. all said with the utmost serious. and the more i laughed, the more serious he got.

okay, maybe you had to be there to hear him saying it with the heavy accent. but it amused the hell out of me.


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