Saturday, July 17, 2004

i always thought that you only had a biopsy when you thought that you had cancer. since yesterday morning, i've learned that A) i was wrong in that assumption, and B) a lot of people don't know what biopsies are. guess i read too many of the "real life" stories of girls getting cancer and anorexia when i was 12. (were those popular elsewhere? they were the hot books in the library in grade 7. but i digress.)

on monday, in the span of about 25 minutes, so many things suddenly went my way: interview came through, free tickets were approved, translink called to tell me that they had my wallet with everything (including $40!) still in it, and the specialist's office called to say that, "hey, remember that appointment you scheduled with us for september? how'd you like to come in on thursday morning instead?"

so i got to see the specialist! and he's a nice guy, i like him. but after asking me a bunch of questions that i didn't even think would be relevent ("how are your joints?") he told me that, well, i should get a biopsy. a nice, long, giant needle, stuck into my back a few times to take three samples of my kidney. and spending the rest of the day lying there in the hospital afterwards. and i'm not put under, but lucky me, they'll give me a local anaesthetic. but i probably can't have a sedative either.

yay! after my knee surgery (commonly known as Most Terrifying Experience Ever), after i thought i was finished with hospitals, i get to do it all over again in 3 weeks! look how excited and joyful i am!

...i'm so scared...

on the plus side, doctor says that it's pretty unlikely that i've got lupus, which is just the thing to make me sleep well at night.

so august 4. the few days before and the few days after, sarah will be desperate for distractions and happiness. fluau, anyone?

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