Wednesday, July 21, 2004

"God loves you, God loves me, let's love each other."
church orgy every sunday morning, yay!

"ROAD RAGE: How would Jesus drive?"
(not so) amusingly, there was a mini-monument to someone who was killed on the side of the road near that church...

i'm starting to wonder if there's a prize for the best weekly church catchphrase.

hair-braiding was foiled for one more week. so frustrating, because i know how to do the style that i want and i have the patience to do it...i just can't actually do it to meself, so i have to find other people to do it. which is hard. but hopefully by next week.

i have new jeans, though, so yesterday wasn't a complete waste of time. and new shirt. and new shorts. and new (free!) other shirt. still need new replacement-green-pants and replacement-shoes and then no more shopping for another long time. it's kinda fun shopping, knowing exactly what you want, down to the name of the shoe style, and just searching for the cheapest available option. especially when that option's discontinued, which means it'll be selling for cheap. if i can find them anywhere, but there's hope.

watched Bug last night. now everything in life seems dependent on every move i make. and it makes you wonder how much of life is actually like a rube goldberg invention. because if i hadn't done that yesterday, i wouldn't have misplaced that, and then later when i started looking for it i wouldn't have found that necklace and that bracelet and those photos that i haven't seen in eons, and i wouldn't have gone by my old ortho place to get elastics to replace what i couldn't find and wouldn't have seen that person who wouldn't have given me that idea....and if i hadn't said this at that time this other conversation wouldn't have happened and this thing wouldn't have been said causing that situation to occur....

it'll last another day or so, then i'll be fine again.

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