Monday, July 19, 2004

geoff berner described prague as the "disneyland for the terminally fucked" in one of his songs. it made me laugh. because it's true.*

folk festival this weekend! yay! it was a festival! accordians and drums and harmonicas and fiddles and basses and guitars and italian and polish and french and 'greek' and ...some dialect from pakistan! gospel and troubadors and cabaret and bluegrass and circus and wandering violin children and poetry and ... stuff.

got to take part in a spirited singalong of "this little light of mine" today. it was actually quite moving.

yesterday sharon's friend heather was here. after we left the fest we introduced her saskatchewan self to veganism and treated her to death by chocolate (full serving devoured by the three of us in 6 minutes flat) before we got back to the car and played "heather tells us how to get home even though she really doesn't have a clue." she did pretty well. she harrassed passersby, calling to them to "have a good day" before ducking her head. she's such a troublemaker. she fits here, though. it's a shame she's gone off to the prairies again.

and i biked a lot a lot a lot today. i'll be tired tomorrow. yay to people who drive around me and give me space and/or slow down. boo to stupid kids to honk loudly as they drive past because they think they're cool. boo to people who zoom past really close beside me. boo to people who cut me off so that they can park right there, and proceed to throw their doors open, almost catching me. stupid people.

there needs to be a thunderstorm soon. the air needs to clear, both metaphorically and actually, and a good thunderstorm's the best way for it to happen. it was muggy enough today. and then i need to see geoff berner perform again. cuz i didn't get to see much of him this weekend. but i remember why we enjoyed him when we saw him way back when. and a bunch of other people.

* well, true for the ex-pats and foreigners there, at least. gotta cover my ass here...

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