Friday, July 23, 2004

doom doom, do-doom doom doo-dooooom! doom doom doom dooooom! doomdoomdoomdododoom!

i've just discovered that i've found over 2.5 hours worth of cartoon/kids show themesongs in the past day. i had no clue. and each one's generally 60 seconds or less, which means LOTS of songs. hard part was chopping off 70 minutes' worth of tunes to burn it all to disk. because our show's only an hour long, anyways.

but i've found some cool ones, i think. and i think we'll even make the cancon requirements!* but you'll have to listen to the no show tomorrow to hear them. 15h-16h00 on cjsf. where dock'n'i will spend more time saying pointless things than playing music. and we'll never get to some of the good stuff.

i couldn't find the Camp Caribou theme, though. or the "head like a pingpong ball" song. dock and i could always sing that for bonus cancon points. maybe. prolly not. couldn't find strawberry shortcake, either. did find italian versions of themesongs though. neat oh.

tomorrow's another 5-page section to lay out. well, 4.5 pages. and i have ideas for most of it so far. but we'll see how it goes. hopefully i'm done before it's dark.

* edison twins = canadian, rah!

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