Sunday, July 04, 2004

considering that i don't like canada day, this year's was pretty good. in a spurt of interest in what actually goes on in coquitlam, catherine, shauna, and annika (yay for babies!) went to find out what golden spike days actually are. they're not that exciting. but they're something to do and an excuse to hang out in the sun all day and eat fish&chips and lemonade and hear some fun music for free. and it was a way to waste time until 4, when catherine's parents were coming down to meet us and head out into the inlet in their boat.

boat!! on the burrard inlet!! i've lived here all my life, yet never once have i been out off the greater vancouver coast in a boat!! and before the boat came, i was still feeling pretty upset at times. but from the second that we climbed into the boat and headed out, everything was fine, everything was peaceful. boats are cool like that. despite the fact that i was doing the one thing that made me think about and miss stefan the most, it wasn't upsetting, just calming.

we headed up indian arm, went by old powerstations that looked like they belonged on old italian streets, dragged feet in the water, had a picnic on the water, found granite falls and explored there, played in the water a little (so warm!), explored deep cove, catherine took us down past the second narrows bridge, and i got to drive the boat back. and i got to chat with catherine's dad who's always reminded me of the godfather both in the way he looks and the way he always seems serious and it's damn difficult to even say hello to him. but he laughed! he joked! shocking!

it's going to take very very little to convince catherine to get her boating license now. and i may as well get mine too. and then we can head out and go fishing or swimming and exploring around. and every now and then we'll bring plastic daggers and wear bandanas and an eyepatch each and say "arrrrrr" a lot. maybe we'll be able to tie a crow to a shoulder too.

i convince catherine to get her boating license, she convinces me to take the self-defense course she's been going on about for years. tit for tat.

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