Thursday, July 01, 2004

catherine and i ended up going to swim at lake sasamat today. in a brilliant feat of advance planning (or the lack of it thereof), we arrived without swimsuits or towels or anything you'd normally expect when you go swimming.* and catherine was wearing white underwear and white pants. i didn't know if i felt like swimming so i traded pants with her, but in the end decided to swim too. luckily i was wearing a bra today. and grey underwear. so we swam and had fun over on the docks in the deep part of the lake, and four other kids on our dock didn't care. when it came time to leave, catherine was content to walk back to the car drenched, but i wasn't, because i didn't want to drive in wet clothes and putting anything on overtop of my swimming attire would have just soaked it.

solution? get changed! so i did. and catherine was shocked when i did right there on the dock. when i changed my top she tried to stand in front of me. i told her i didn't care, it's not that big a deal. "you've officially shocked me, sarah. i leave you now. don't you realise you're not in europe anymore?? you can't do that here!" like i cared. so she didn't bother sheilding me when i was changing into my pants. but as i did, she turned back.

"ummmm... you realise you have an audience, right?"

i turned around and on the other dock (there's two docks a little ways apart, one was filled with fishers, the other was where we were), every single face was staring at me. EVERY one. all 15, 20-odd people. i just laughed. so did catherine, but that's what she does when she's embarrassed. but she turned around to face them all.

"FIVE DOLLAR!!" she turned back. "sarah, you may be cheap, but you're still not free!"

and they all looked away.

alas, when we walked past them after, catherine, my pimp, made no move to collect the 15 $5s. we coulda been rich today...

* we'd planning to hike around buntzen. but after five minutes' walk, catherine realised she'd worn sandals rather than shoes, and ones that weren't conducive to walking, at that. yes, between her and i, we may possibly make up a quarter of a planned, organised individual.

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