Wednesday, June 09, 2004


that's what today was.

waiting to talk to someone before leaving the house this morning, while i learned more lame jokes. waiting to catch the bus, while trying to decide whether to actually take it or not. waiting to catch the bus down the hill after getting to school and copping out of the reason that i was supposed to be there today for something that's prolly more important anyways, while watching and discussing Beastie Boys videos and infomercials. waiting for a bus at the bottom of the hill after biking down for the first time (wheeeeefun!), while getting stuck thinking and analysing things. waiting for julie and kenten after "harassing the doctor's office for my medical records" took nothing more than a quick sad face to the secretary for her to copy them for me for free, while checking out new sandals that are perfect in almost every way but cost too much.* waiting for it to be a reasonable time to head to the busstop when J&K got caught up in other things, while running into my mother at safeway and going grocery shopping together. waiting to reach maple ridge, while rachel ignored in favour of pseudo-intellectual conversation with me on the phone. waiting at my tutees' house because i get there a halfhour early when i bike but they have naps so i can't start any earlier, while i tried to give away free tickets to a show tonight (no one took them). waiting to get back to coquitlam, while the bus driver and i discussed compliments and the lack of them thereof in conversation today.

waiting waiting waiting.

and for that reason, i feel like i've accomplished nothing. which isn't entirely the case. but that's alright. much of the waiting was done out in the sunshine. which is always lovely.

* broke my pair this morning in a spectacularly lame bike mishap - at least i wasn't run over. but i think i lost the respect of children less than half my age. oh, snap.

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