Tuesday, June 08, 2004

NO MORE HOCKEY TALK! YAY!!! at least, not for awhile.

and then we watched Man on the Moon.

when i was twelve years old i thought that robert bateman was the bestest artist ever. well, maybe that's a little strong. but he was the artist whose name i knew. he was canadian, and he was cool. when we went to the mall i always ducked into the gallery shop to steal their brochures of new art that they were carrying, in hopes that they would have decently-sized images of his work, or somethign similar to it. i loved the images he had where the animals faded into the background, or where you had to search a little to see the complete image. in art class we had to create a room and design it in the theme of an artist, and i chose him. it was full of earthy browns and safari-esque styles. i don't recall which image it was exactly that i was basing it off of, but it was probably one with a tiger in it.

i still think he's talented. but i'm very glad my tastes have changed. not so into the realism anymore. and that is good.

but hey, i never knew that he had made a painting of yeti before now. looks rather like Harry from Harry and the Hendersons, though. Hmm...

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