Tuesday, June 29, 2004

my day as a government official at the election is over. got to work at a booth with julie and we had fun. so, cool things that happened:

- mrs perry, the noon-hour supervisor from my elementary school came to my poll-booth and (pretended to) recognise me when i told her my name! it's funny how you remember the noon-hour supervisor with such rose-coloured glasses. but i liked her.

- there was a really really tall guy who came. i was just astonished by the fact that his knees were almost as high off the ground as the tabletop was. julie didn't seem as impressed.

- The Big Guy Who Carries His Tiny Dogs To Parkland School Fields On A Regular Basis worked another poll booth. he's big and round and has a big white beard. he works as santa claus around christmas. so whenever i was sarcastic or (accidentally) shot elastic bands his way he marked another point by my name. fortunately i succeeded in the string trick three times in a row, so he took me off the naughty list again.

- the liberal scrutineer was a nice woman. when it was starting to get boring, i had started to pretend that i knew how to play cat's cradle, and she showed me a cut-the-finger string trick. took me an hour or so to figure out but now i can do it like a pro.

- karl voted. at my pollbooth. which is fun to no one other than meself, really. i'm curious to know who he picked.

- the grand result of my Query Of The Day, whether tic-tac-toe sucked or not, was a resounding "yes, it does." this was determined by asked a full 1 other person, outside of me and julie. therefore, it is true.

- got an sms from finland halfway through the day. yay sanni!

- the phrase "paul forseth" is quick probably going to haunt my dreams tonight. when we counted ballots, he won in our particular box, and his name was becoming hypnotic whenever it was read out.

- carli, the green party candidate, got a decent number of votes in all the boxes (from what i could hear). nothing staggering, but a decent proportion, which is cool mostly because she's actually quite young, but people are voting for her, regardless. nice to see that ageism isn't quite as rampant as you might expect. (actually, according to the cbc website right now, she's got 6% of the vote in all of the riding. in comparison, the green candidate in burnaby-douglas is at 3.6%... {g} though there's still a lot of polls to count in each.)

- julie and i were so awesome that we closed up everything for our poll first, even faster than the veteran pollbooth people. we're so cool.

- one of the NDP scrutineers told us that she'd been working at elections in some way for 50 years now. she was nice, even if she was a little annoying, trying to get information when she wanted it, rather than when it was convenient. but oh well.

long long days like that, when they're staggered, are a lot of fun. at least, that's what i think. i kinda miss the auctions because they were just like that: looooooooooong days, waves of business, fun banter.

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