Saturday, June 26, 2004

my body's falling apart today. my knee's been worse because of the weather changes, my ex-broken arm's acting up a little as well, my abdomen's a little achy, but i'm getting used to that (yay, specialist september???), my right index finger's hurting like the dickens (i think it's a sprain that will never ever go away, it keeps persisting no matter what i do), and i think i broke my toe yesterday tripping over a plastic bag in my hurry to send a mocking message to brit friends when portugal won. that last one was karma, i think, and that's fair enough. it's still hurting a day later, though, so now i'm a little concerned.

what an unfortunate day to be feeling energetic.

today's radio show (3-4pm PST) will probably be groovy. or at least silly. something. so GET COOL NOW!!

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