Monday, June 28, 2004


natasha is secretly one of my heros. because she's cool. because she's got things under control. because she has one cat who's a bitch and another cat who's going blind and a complete freak. because she talks as bluntly and loudly and (sometimes) obnoxiously as is humanly possible and manages to befriend everyone she's around. because she's got a bizarre job. because she's russian. because she's got great stories. because she's got a greater way of telling them.

today i went to her place for the sole purpose of getting her a car battery. i even missed the second half of the football game to do it. we managed to get the battery, even though the place was closed. too bad we didn't have the cords to attach it properly in the end to make sure that it works. and then we hung out with a stray dog until the SPCA came to pick it up. and told stories and ate cold things.

i'm getting more and more worried about the pain in my side. i have an appointment to see a kidney-ologist, but that for september 13th or something stupid like that. which doesn't help me right now. if it weren't messing with my moods and making me dead tired half the time, i wouldn't mind so much. but as it is, i'd rather be in a good mood so that i can at least figure everything else out in my life right now.

saw jazz last night, and it was good. still can't hear out of one ear, but what do you expect from a 10-piece band. opening group was awesome for the faces they made while playing. and for doing jazz versions of pixies and black sabbath and whatnot - things you wouldn't expect to hear done in jazz. and because they had a song that took place in my birthyear, which somewhat makes up for the travesty that smashing pumpkins wrote. 1979 is cooler again. ironically, rachel and i had been discussing birthyear songs just before the show began. and jaga jazzist was as i expected them to be. good, not necessarily so much of a stage show, but the drummer really wants to be a rock star, making the faces, telling the audience he loved us, throwing his sticks into the crowd. vast contrast to the other guy in the front who seemed to pointedly ignore the fact that there was anyone else other than the band in the room. good show, though. hope some pictures turned out.

before the show rachel and i ended up walking from commercial drive to the commodore. took us maybe 35, 40 minutes, so it wasn't that bad. walked down hastings, though, which was interesting going from a not-so-grand-but-alright part of hastings down through the worst part and out again. got a random compliment on my shoes as we'd just passed main street. for the first time i felt genuinely disturbed, probably because i went through the transition that way. not like feeling disturbed because i was worried for my safety or worried because i felt like i was being watched or anything, but disturbed because of the fact that our society allows (and possibly depends) on situations like that existing in the first place. ended up in an interesting debate with rachel about all of it, though, but then again, it's rachel. she's always good for interesting conversations.

found a key i thought i'd lost months ago. which means a free $10 for me when i go return it on tuesday.

doh. there's a wasp in the room. gotta turn off all lights and computer screens til it flies back out again.

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