Monday, June 14, 2004

i'm likely gonna be sent to a kidney specialist soon, but the dr wanted to do one more ultrasound to be sure that the problem's not another organ. i'm pretty sure it isn't, as my kidney area's been achier every day. but the ultrasound appointment's set for wednesday, so i'm figuring i can bear it for a few more days. even though i think it'll prove useless. but i'm not gonna suddenly keel over and die in the next week if this has been a problem for awhile, i'd assume.

* * * *

my dad has officially been kicked out. and my mom's mother is going to be moving in shortly. my mom spent all day yesterday packing my dad's stuff into boxes (again), and today my dad's gone off to drive david to alberta, and when he gets back he's going to be staying at his mom's place until he finds a new home.

it's all very strange. i'm not taking either person's side, but i do think that the both of them have had their moments of extreme irrationality and childishness. daniel and i spent yesterday and today ignoring what was going on. and watched anime (he's still not come back alive yet). had short conversations about what we thought of our parents. the router's dead*, so scanned many many many pictures instead, as well. and maybe, when the connection's stable enough to upload, i'll get to throw them online.

aside from anything else that i think about the whole thing, the one thing that really messes me up is that with my dad living elsewhere, i have no vehicle anymore. because my mom's insurance doesn't allow me to drive her car. which means being pretty stranded in coquitlam, even in evenings. all the more incentive to move out by august, i suppose. except that i'd be abandoning daniel, then. maybe wherever i move to will allow pets....

marriage seems like a silly idea for so many reasons.

* adapter burnt itself out. anyone have an AC/AC one with 9V, 1000mA output? it's proving to be impossible to find to replace.

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