Thursday, June 10, 2004

i suddenly lost all my energy within a half-hour timeframe this afternoon. don't know why. but it was more emotional energy than anything else, which is the strange part, because there wasn't anything that happened or didn't happen to incite it.

but i was a trooper and went and watched the chronicles of riddick nonetheless. because there's nothing better for an odd mood than a crappy movie. and even though everyone from cjsf and their dog seemed to be going to the preview for napoleon dynamite, ed showed up for riddick with elisa, so there was a minor group of us. before the movie started, however, rachel and i were joking that, seeing as we were both feeling rather drained, we'd go home tonight and watch a sad movie and cry ourselves to sleep, because that's what we were both in the mood for.

when i finally got home (after t-bone ended up in the same skytrain as me by chance - yay company!), i'd forgotten about our comments. i watched a few more episodes of Full Metal Alchemist (current anime of choice), and the one that just ended right now, the last one of the night, ended with my favourite character dying.

he's dead! he was the best character of them all! and for the sake of anyone else who might watch the show sometime in the future, i won't say who it is, but... he's dead! and daniel, who's watched more episodes than i have, says that he's still dead as a doornail.

it's not quite enough to make me cry. but i was feeling in a good mood, and they had to go kill him. bastards.

i did get to have buffalo meat for dinner, though. tastes like beef.

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