Friday, June 11, 2004

i have this memory of a hug, which by itself isn't so exciting, but the way that i've remembered it's pretty odd.

at the time, during the hug, my mind wandered a bit and i started to think how, if this hug had taken place in a film, the camera would be circling around, somewhat unsteadily, a flock of pigeons might fly up in the background, all the colours might be slightly saturated, all for the effect to make it a Big Event onscreen.

but it didn't take place onscreen. but for some reason, when i think about it now, i remember how it actually happened and i remember thinking all that, but those memories are overlaid with the onscreen version of the hug. they're separable, but they're still both there simultaneously. it's kind of strange. but cool. i like it.

thinking about it, though, vancouver really doesn't have that many pigeons to fly up behind any scene. or maybe i just got used to the huge hoards of them in prague - especially in staromestska namesti. vancouver's more of a crow city. last night there was a crow that terrorized the line-up for Riddick when it fell to the ground and couldn't fly up again, just hopped around between peoples' feet. it was surprising how many people shied away from it, too. poor crow... the bigger and uglier rat of the sky... i always liked crows, though.

this morning i had a dream that dock was teaching me the best way to wash my feet. there was much more that was taking place, but i can't remember the rest of it anymore, and the few notes i scribbled down when i woke up aren't much help. something about bands that don't exist. i'll have to ask dock about his feet-washing techniques now, though.

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