Wednesday, June 23, 2004

i found out late last night that i had to vote today, or not at all. contrary to what i was told before, i can't vote the day of the election, even if i'm working the polls in my own riding. oh well.

frustrating as hell, because i had to choose whether to vote in terms of which local representative i like, or how i want things to be in a more nationalistic sense. because the two don't cross over. and then there's the automatic "root for the underdog" sensibility that pokes up as well...

it really is stupid, though, that i can't really vote how i'd like to. with all the talk of proposed changes for the future (granted, for now it's only BC, but if that works, maybe more will too), i really hope something works out.

had elections training today. was reminded once again how much i hate any sort of training, but more just because of the propaganda-style that things are done. didn't help when the fellow in charge came and started preaching to us how important it was to have youth voting.... as though he was trying to sell voting to us, when really, we're the wrong audience. i spent the time biting my tongue rather than arguing with him and pointing out that low voting rates might not mean high voter apathy.

....look at your hands, play with your pen, twiddle your thumbs, anything but look at him and counter his arguments....

hungry. need food. maybe ice cream. so hot right now... s'lovely.

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