Monday, June 21, 2004

"hey, everybody! let's commmence line-dancing!"

today rebecca, daniel and i went for breakfast with my dad at IHOP, as it's father's day and all. grandma, his mom, came too. i swallowed the fact that i've never been too keen on eating out for breakfast, as well as the fact that i tend not to like pancakes much at all and was actually feeling rather ill for the sake of the event. go me!

everyone except my grandma ordered the same meal. except that dad and daniel went for fried eggs, rather than scrambled. and daniel had to be different getting apple instead of strawberry. daniel and rebecca built creamer towers. when they ran out of creamer my grandma passed more to help out. grandma laughed at me when i flicked tea on meself playing with straws.

there's someone working there who i remember seeing there the last time we went to IHOP. which was with both parents. and all four kids. and i dressed up for it. which means that it was a LONG time ago. which means that said person's been there a long time. strange to see a face you recognise from years back at a restaurant like that.

i opted out of dancing in order to maybe get to talk to rebecca a bit before she went back to victoria, and to go with my dad to fix up the bike. and because i still wasn't feeling too well.

exciting times.

i do wonder what my grandma thinks about my parents' divorce and all. i have no idea what she thinks about it.

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