Tuesday, June 01, 2004

got to listen to mr plett's show today. called him just to tell him i was listening on my way home and he knew who i was without me having to say anything. i didn't know my voice was that distinctive. hopefully i'll run into him next week, along with my amazingly brilliant perfect cousin who i've meant to call since i had surgery, but never did. but then again, he never called me either, so it's all good. but perhaps some day we'll hang out. and i'll discover that he's not so brilliant and amazing.

or maybe i'll just find out that i've been right all along. damn.

gave rachel a surprise visit, because i was a couple blocks from her house tonight. she may end up going to south africa in the fall. if she doesn't, i've decided that i'll move in with her when her flatmate leaves. even if the cool cat with the stub for a tail will be gone then. gotta have something to work towards, right?

was down there because shawn subsidised my ticket price to see the dance grads' show tonight. which was very nice of him. and i will pay him back someday. in beans. when i'm rich and famous and own not one but TWO countries of my very own. but i'm glad he did, because i've realised i need to see more dance because i really haven't seen much, and almost all i've seen is ballet. so it was pretty neat to see. and at least half of the numbers left me feeling very impressed. probably more than half. afterwards, got to speak to someone who's doing his thesis on the #20 bus route. just makes me want to do my own thesis, provided it's something strange and eclectic like that, really.

no clue whatever happened to Dude Who Was Doing His Masters In Stuff From Modernist Drama Class. if i recall his thesis had something to do with urban planning and architecture in chicago and the development of one peculiar strain of jazz in the 1930s. even if that's not quite right, however, i'm going to remember it that way, because it sounds pretty damn cool.

started wondering, though, what the point is in a dance, what to be looking for. and i know that's a stupid question right there, but, say, in literature, i have an understanding of how to interpret it and how to think about it. same with music or sound work. but when it comes to dance, i really don't know how to think about it. and now i'm curious about it. just means i need to see more dance. and probably start doing some. because i think that i officially can now! if i can jog, i pretend to be capable of dance.

and before that, i swam for the first time since....last summer! and the first time since surgery.* and it was good fun. gotta work up to being not-scared of the high diving board still, it's been awhile since i've jumped from that height. maybe next time, though. it's about the right time of year to be scaling the fence at spani pool after midnight, though...

and... well, those were the really fun points of the day. i've decided to accomplish something amazing tomorrow. it's still a little undefined what that will be, but we'll see what happens. "amazing" will most certainly be judged by personal standards, so don't get too excited, elsewise i'm liable to disappoint.

* really, after a certain point, i'll stop counting things as being "since surgery." but at the moment, it's still novel. for the first time in years, i can do things without worrying about my knee popping out or it feeling terribly weak. like, for example, the froggy kick that you do with breast stroke: i couldn't do that properly for years because it was too much stress at a bad angle. but today, i could actually do it! wheee... though i've unlearnt how to tread water well. doh.

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