Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Day Of Awesomeness

or maybe not all of it. but its high points have been nice and tall. and any not-high points really weren't that low either.

had thai noodle salad and grilled cheese that was nice and tasty. sometimes you just have the desire to taste the taste of food-not-prepared-by-you.

swimming and jumping off the diving board and pretending to be a synchronised swimmer and being super secret spies trying to avoid all the evil agents in the other swimming lanes. (so we like to just play around in the pool rather than swimming laps. don't scoff. the lifeguards know that - they opened up the diving board just for us. see? we're cool.)

got the new beastie boys cd. and it's disappointing. but it's just getting preview copies in the mail.

found a replacement adapter that's got everything exactly the same as the old one. andrew not-wang-but-yang is my hero.

had an ice cream party in the offices down the hallway. laughed at silly things. watched titus gregory skipping on his way somewhere. it's happy-inducing.

took some photos of prettiness and used up a roll of film - and i forget what's on the first half, making it all the more exciting to develop this weekend.

hung out and chatted awhile longer because i wasn't in the mood to leave, though i was in the mood to be home and do the work i've got here. but not to go through the act of leaving yet.

biked down the hill, took the 143 route up the big hill as a last-minute decision, ended up biking the entire way home. which didn't take so long in the end, and wasn't near as bad as i expected - not after the first hill. except for the stupid people who drove pass me in their cars and gave me dirty looks for being on their road. and except for the highschool guys (read: assholes) who drove past super-close and yell at me which was enough to shock me a little (don't think they said anything, just wanted to scare/surprise me). and except for the people who zoomed past me in order to turn right before i reached the corner, causing ME to have to slow down quickly to not hit them. and except for the earache from the cold, but i've stuck a bandana in my bag for next time, just forgotten to do so for the past couple weeks. but i've accomplished half the goal of "biking to and from school at least once"! maybe next week i try going up the big hill.

came home to find a cheque from tutoring. for lots of money. and a bit more than i expected to boot. exciting. my bank account will be happy.

and now, gonna scan a bunch more before bed. fun fun fun!

yes. good, good day.

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