Tuesday, May 18, 2004

today, may 17, is the norwegian constitution day. yay!

here's prim, a cheese i really miss:

here's a picture of a street in oslo, that stefan liked because, he said, oslo actually looked pretty in it (i didn't think it was an ugly city..):

here's the anarchist building in oslo, near where stefan lived. it was an abandoned building that the anarchists moved into and claimed as their own in the 1970s, and last summer the police were threatening to kick them out. so the anarchists had boarded up the windows and covered up a lot of the artwork and replaced it with battle-ready images. apparently the police never ended up invading, so the anarchists still have it. (sorry they're not scanned with better resolution so that you can see it all):

the anarchist building, though, is also a heritage building of sorts, because this artist lived there for awhile. so the whole building's been painted over except the sign saying that "munch lived here":

the munch museum, by the way, was the only museum that stefan would agree to bring me to. he's rather against all the viking "propaganda" that's about. s'alright. i wasn't interested in the vikings anyways. i did, however, kinda want to go to the "kunst industri museet" if only because of the art outside, but i missed the opening hours every time i was in oslo:

and here's part of the sandefjord fjord (i think), where we caught cod and disturbed cthulhu and lost an anchor and nearly drowned in huge waves:

and here's the signs that taunted me constantly, for i never got to see a single moose. (i did get to see a musk ox from the train, once, though.):

this is a norwegian (så søt!) that i'll likely be talking to sometime this week, and seeing next week. det er spennende!

oh yes. and the artwork on my page is by lars fiske, who's also norwegian. norway norway norway norway norway!

so. happy norwegian constitution day! if anyone wants to celebrate, maybe i'll be able to remember the lyrics and dance to "hans the moose." maybe.

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