Sunday, May 30, 2004

today daniel is dealing with dead chickens. what a job.

today i managed to stay awake all the day long (though, at times, barely) and didn't copy my lerche sound files but did help sleeve and visit ed and listen to good music and go see art grads do nifty things with J&K before going to Tim Horton's (where else at that time of night?) for chilli (yay, first meal of the day!) to discuss silly things and watch grade eights dropping by after their grad party as they played a mean game of Rock, Scissors, Paper.

today my head just feels fuzzy and full of cotton but sleep should fix that.

today i felt sorry for being rude to people, but only in retrospect, because for some reason, when my body starts to shut down, i become less friendly to the people i'm already friends with, even while being very friendly with complete strangers. but unfortunately i never realise i'm doing that until afterwards.

today was, i think, a good day. it's just hard to remember that it's now early sunday morning. since thursday, there's been no differentiation between one day and the next.

happy belated birthday, julie, by the way, even if birthdays are silly things. so actually, then, happy julie day!

. . . dead chickens . . .

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