Thursday, May 27, 2004

this is certainly more than i knew about the Rhinoceros Party before. didn't know they were related to the pie-throwers. i wish they were still around. wouldn't vote for them, but i'd certainly enjoy hearing their ideas for the next month.

ran for 21 minutes today. quite exciting, realising that i could do it. added bonus: feeling kinda dizzy for 8 minutes afterwards. and then pretended to be hardcore and lifting weights later on. fun fun fun! much better way to spend the evening than the original plan (would have missed the movie by the time we were ready to leave anyways).

i've had glenn gould playing bach stuck in my head all day long, after reading an article about colm feore (who played GG years ago) this morning at physio. it's not really a bad thing, but all his humming along to the music is starting to grate.

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