Tuesday, May 25, 2004

overheard the strangest bus conversation ever today. there was a mom and her child sitting across from me, mom couldn't have been more than 21 or 22. awhile after they got on, a group of more people that age got on, and she called out to the last guy to get on. obviously they knew each other but hadn't seen each other in a long long time. he asked when she became a mom and she said a year and a half ago.

her: what about you? how's amanda [his girlfriend or ex-gf, you soon figured out]?
him: she's dead, actually.
her: what???
him: yeah, she died three months ago, now.
her: .... what happened?
him: she stepped on something on the beach and her leg got infected and she had to have surgery but she died during it.
her: .... what about the kids, then?
him: well i'm working to get full custody of them - i have visiting rights right now...

...and the conversation went on. apparently it sounds like amanda had a few problems of her own anyways, drugs were mentioned. but he's a dad of two, even though he's younger than i am.

when he asked her what made her decide to have a kid, because he'd never seen her as a mom-type, she explained that she had a revelation at a party and realised that she did want to have children, "and then a few months later when i got pregnant, i figured i'd keep it."


i felt strange listening into that conversation. it felt almost wrong. almost, but not quite. because really, that's got to be one of the most eventful bus conversations i'll ever hear, and surely that's worth something.

in other news, first hotdog roast of the summer happened tonight. it became more of a mannette-caufield family gathering. the dads commiserated on their lots in life, the kids mocked each other, a marshmallow was tossed into the fire (it's tradition), and conversations revolved around porn, sex, hitler, martial arts, the illusion of reality tv shows, and jobs. and then we played N64 tetris. next time, if we plan things a little earlier than last minute, you're invited too!

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