Sunday, May 02, 2004

on wednesday ed and i went on a soundwalk around the kits beach area. amazingly, ed had never been there before. amusing, after he'd bitched on about how much he hates the beach earlier, we ended up walking up and down it for a long while. poor ed. {g}

he's already written about it here and said most of what i would have written if i'd gotten around to posting this earlier. including the bit about some people taking the whole thing a little too seriously. or maybe that's not the right word. you can take things seriously and still have fun and find things amusing. you don't have to be extremely studious about the whole thing, like some people were. course, i was finding it a little hard to bite my tongue the whole time - we were supposed to be walking silently while we listened to everything - and caved a few times to point things out. but really, what good is finding something amusing if you can't know that someone else is appreciating it with you?

but it was neat seeing/being the show. basically, we, a group of 15 or so people, walked around for something over an hour, just listening. most people noticed something was going on.

when we walked past one couple the girl called out to us asking what was going on. i doubt she had any idea what a "soundwalk" was, though.

or there was the pair of guys with identical un-tucked white dress shirts and sloppy ties and long hair who looked like they'd lost their band.

but the people who didn't notice any of us were more interesting. most people would become quiet when they were keeping pace with us, but one couple was completely oblivious to us, busy carrying on a conversation in both spanish and english (didn't matter - i'd started to just hear sounds rather than words after a certain point). what was more fun was watching the body language, seeing how much she wanted him to hold her hand but not saying anything for a long while.

but anyways. good fun. nice to wander along the beach at sunset.

can anyone tell me why people get so excited about seeing cranes, though? it's not like they're uncommon here, you see them all the time. but no one ever gets excited and points out seagulls... so why the cranes?

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