Sunday, May 09, 2004

my cat's a prude. rebecca has mentioned it before, but today's the first day i've been the brunt of toothpick's conservative ideals.

i'd just had a shower this afternoon and couldn't be bothered to get dressed yet, and was sitting at the computer writing an email when toothpick came into my room. and for a long while she just sat there and meowed as though she was trying to tell me something (which she doesn't usually do that annoyingly; she's usually relatively calm). i figured she wanted to jump onto my lap like she sometimes does when i'm at the computer, but when she finally did jump up and landed on skin rather than clothes, she pulled back, quite horrified, and tried to sit on the edge of the chair, as far away from me as possible, but it wasn't long before she left me because she couldn't even stand me petting her.....nekkid.

she hates being in the room when you're getting changed, too. how she can tell the difference between a clothed human and a nekkid human, or why she hates skin, i do not know. wonder what she'd do if it was ever pointed out to her that she's, well, nekkid herself...

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