Wednesday, May 19, 2004

jodi was my muse today. i felt bad because she'd come all the way to my house just to sit in my room and inspire me to finish some things i've put off for weeks now. but it's nice to have a muse. too bad i don't have final papers to write anymore, elsewise i'd consider paying her to do it for me more often.


i finally got my hands on my official OR report from knee surgery (dr's secretary's a bit of a bitch to deal with, so physio took awhile to get it). fascinating reading.

"We then prepped and draped the left lower extremity in the usual sterile fashion." it's probably just me, but that line's damn funny.

references made here and there to how tiny i am: "these were very small tendons in this female."

lots of drilling that i didn't know about. apparently they tried an 8mm screw originally "but [it] did not have much purchase in this patient's soft bone. The 9 x 23 mm screw had reasonable purchase."

and apparently total tourniquet time was 110 minutes. but i was out for 4 hours. weird.

random things could be considered dirty out of context, too. "I could sublux it part way into the joint." ooh baby, i wanna sublux you, too!


today's busride was full of stereotypes and generally memorable people. Liberace came on, after he'd locked down the bike he musta just bought for his grandkid - hair, gaudy outfit, fake smile, everything. there was the drunk likely-addict couple that was in a happy mood when they got on, before starting to fight and yell at each other. male-half of the couple tried to start a fight with over-aggressive-teenager-who-despises-the-world because said teenager was taking out his anger by punching every pole of the bus that he passed. darling grandmother said goodbye to her daughter and grandkids before getting on the bus and gushed about them until she got off. young-at-heart hippie senior sat there eagerly scribbling notes while carrying her oversize backpack, only stopping to go out and worridly help Liberace put his bike on properly.

and then we passed one car accident which, while it looked pretty bad, was far from completely terrible and no one looked too badly hurt - they were just checking people for whiplash as we drove by. but the entire neighbourhood and probably the ones next door had come out and was standing around gawking at The Big Event. there must have been over a hundred people standing around on sidewalks surrounding the site, craning their neck and making "oh dear" faces. And considering all the emergency vehicles that were there at that point, the accident had happened awhile back by then. despite the tragedy of a car accident, the whole scene was pretty amusing in how small-town-ish it seemed.


and then daniel and i played Bodybuilders in front of the bathroom mirror. neither of us can figure out how to properly do that move that female bodybuilders always seem to be doing in their pictures, where they have their hands together in front, showing off their amazing shoulder muscles. we both just look silly doing it.

but then again, looking silly's not very unusual for us, anyways.

this weight-lifting thing'll lose it's shiny veneer shortly, i'm sure. but right now, it's great fun to play with.

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