Sunday, May 16, 2004

i've decided that synchronised swimming is a decidedly creepy sport. a friend of mine used to do it when we were kids, and at the time, i always kinda sorta wanted to try it out, but never did. but today, there was some synchro swimming championship happening at SFU, and after watching each girl struggling to stay synchronised to everyone else in her group, struggling to achieve moves that could prolly have been practiced a little more, struggling painfully to keep that big smile on their faces... it was just slightly frightening. as was the group pep talk for seven-year-olds that i overheard in the lockerroom ("now everyone, visualise the performance, imagine every single move. find your special place in your mind and keep it...").

the nose-plug doesn't help them look any more non-satanic, either. but the whole thing is about show without substance. it's scary.

course, the only reason any of this crossed my mind today was because today, for the first time ever i checked out the SFU gyms! but only the weightroom was still open by the time shawn and i got there. so we tried to blend in with all the buff, muscled types and pretended to know how to do proper exercises with weights. we may not have succeeded in blending in very well, but no one kicked us out and we may even do it again next week. before long i'll have the strength of ten men - just you wait!

amazingly, i don't feel any strain on my muscles yet. except for my palms, where old callouses from the bar in gymnastics got a little bothered by the weights i played with today.

H A R D C O R E, mofo.

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