Friday, May 28, 2004

i smell like water. i like it.

a seven minute bikeride to the busstop drenched me for good earlier today, and i still had two more 15-minute rides to make on the other end of the bus route. but after a certain point, when you're soaked already, it really doesn't matter if you get wetter. i'm very sorry that my shoes are drowned and out of commission for the next few days, though. i debated wearing the not-quite-fuckme boots, because i think that my knee can almost handle the heel, but the brief idea of going to the gym tomorrow shot that idea down. as cool as the boots may be, they're not quite suitable for a workout.

but back to being wet.

i don't think i've been quite that wet since the Worst Night Ever in milano. and it's just funny how something that seemed like the most miserable, horrible, terrible night of my life at the time isn't quite so bad in retrospect. i almost want to go visit milano again.*


but it wasn't such a bother being drenched and having to stay that way for a few hours. although knowing that i'd be able to sit in the shower for a good 20 minutes when i got home, in hopes of warming up my extremities did make it bearable. and, in that respect, a little different from milano.

at any rate. i don't think i need to worry about dehydration for awhile. i'm certain that the equivalent of a small lake has seeped into my skin today.

* wow. just looking back through archives... i never ever did post about why milan was so terrible. well, constant overnight rain and having nowhere to stand under cover or to warm up or dry off or sleep was a large part of it (though there are times when being a girl and resorting to tears will get you places, unfortunately), and i will do my utmost to dissuade most everyone from going there if i get the chance.

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